HPI checks for classic cars – how do they work?

Considering purchasing a classic vehicle? Stressed over its set of experiences? Maybe you’re uncertain if you can even look into the historical backdrop of a vehicle that is pushing 50 years of age! Well fortunately you can, as a rule: up to a couple of fundamental guidelines are kept.

In this aide, we will go through precisely how to check the vehicle history for more established engines – otherwise called classic or collectible cars.


Will a HPI vehicle check work for a classic car?

By and large, yes.

A more established vehicle might not have a full MOT History and it might even be MOT absolved by law, yet that doesn’t imply that a vehicle history check will not work. In essentially all cases, it will.

To begin, basically run your classic vehicle’s UK number plate through our framework and we will quickly check it has at any point been taken, discounted, has any exceptional finance, and significantly more.

A vehicle check may not work if:

  • You don’t have a clue about the number plate, just the VIN (yet see below),
  • The vehicle is an import, or
  • The vehicle isn’t street legal.

Buying at closeout: Can I actually check the history?


Notwithstanding, you should ask the sale vender for the number plate, as well as its VIN. It is much easier to look into the vehicle from the number plate if conceivable – however frequently this isn’t attainable. Many closeout destinations will veil out the number plate, yet will show you the VIN. Note: If you are unsure what a ‘VIN’ is, we have composed this aide here.

Whether or not you have the number plate or the VIN, a vehicle check is conceivable. You definitely need somewhere around one of them.

Unfortunately without either, it’s difficult to look into the vehicle history, as there is no chance of distinguishing the vehicle.


Will a Q plate vehicle history check work?

Indeed. Around here at FreeCarCheck we completely support ‘Q’ plate vehicles, as these vehicles are as yet enrolled with the DVLA and in this manner completely street lawful. There is no motivation behind why a Q plate would not have a full vehicle history.

I just have the more traditional style VIN, not the number plate. What can I do?

This is your lucky day!

In the event that you have the VIN yet don’t have the foggiest idea about it’s VRM (number plate) read our aide here on the most proficient method to look up the number plate from the VIN.

You should realize the UK number plate assuming you need to guarantee the vehicle or need to contact the DVLA about it. What’s more, obviously assuming you need to actually take a look at the vehicle history, then, at that point, a VIN-based check isn’t generally imaginable for certain suppliers. Knowing with regards to the vehicle’s set of experiences, regardless of whether it’s 50 years of age, ought to consistently shape part of your due tirelessness – in a perfect world before getting it!

Why should I purchase a ‘classic car’?

The definition changes over the long run, as more current cars come out. These days even a Mazda MX-5 may be viewed as a ‘classic’. For sure, a great deal of 80s cars have appreciated in esteem throughout the most recent couple of years, and are currently gatherer’s things.

Notwithstanding the age of the vehicle, we can actually look at its set of experiences for you.

Regardless of whether it’s a Bentley Turbo R or a TVR Griffith, it might even appreciate in esteem – which is something that a ton of fresher cars can’t guarantee. In the event that the vehicle is UK enrolled and is definitely not a ‘genuine’ import, the DVLA, DVSA, MIAFTR and others will have recorded its driving history. It isn’t generally a fact that a more established vehicle will have a not exactly dependable history; numerous better quality classic cars will have been cared for from the second they left the production line interestingly!


Do Classic Cars need a MOT?

No. In the event that the vehicle is more than 40 years of age, it is absolved from MoT rules in the UK. The equivalent additionally applies for street charge (VED), in spite of the fact that there are some catches which are clarified here.

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